"The Newsstand Crypto" was created to share the appreciation for this disruptive movement started by Satoshi Nakamoto. We initially only sold physical newspapers and decided to record each newspaper sale on blockchain, however, we believe that in addition to being able to share the story, we can walk our own story and strengthen the crypto community in Brazil. Because of this, the collection of NFTs allowed the creation of this "Phygital" collection where it allows the sale of digital assets representing the ownership of physical assets as a smart contract.
Our intention is to enrich our historical collection and enable event organizers to expose these historical records at their events in exchange for benefits such as tickets for project holders allowing the sharing of knowledge.
20% of the amount raised in direct negotiations with us will be allocated to social causes focused on professional training for underprivileged youth in the crypto market (such as traders, devs and marketing).
By building partnerships with companies in the field, we will like to direct these apprentices to develop their first projects with small entrepreneurs focused on this market.
Last modified 1yr ago